My Show

My Show
This was the title for my own one-person art show summer, 2011.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ugli Face Pots

We no longer have a kiln to fire clay, so rely on air-dry clay. Students make pinch pots, then built up with coils and added faces. These examples are from Tyrein and Chance who went above and beyond requirements. The one on the right is unsigned, but so cute, I store brads on my desk in it.

Op Art

We went beyond the usual Op Art by using a heat gun to warp old 45 records, then included them in the center (doesn't show up well in the photo).


Studnts struggled a bit with this one. The assignment was to create 4 "gears" from cardboard and wooden spools, wrap cord around them so that when you pull one side or the other, they all moved. Listening to directions came in handy.

Rainbow Animals

Austin, you dog! He did a great job blending a rainbow or colors in this assignment.