My Show

My Show
This was the title for my own one-person art show summer, 2011.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Art of Education is a site I discovered a little more than a year ago. Their focus is unlike any help site for art teachers in that they focus on art education and all that it can be. I have a chance to be one of their online teachers this summer. This video shows a bit of my qualifications and why I want to be on their team.

Japanese Art Unit: So Versatile!

The school year, like others past, has flown by. We received a grant from Missouri Retired Teachers Association in the amount of $500, which we spent on our Japanese Unit. The unit took the entire first semester. It began with Zen Tangle, put  basic art skills, procedures, and understanding into lessons like Koinobori fish kites and  Japaneses stab bound books. We ended with an art show at the parent/student/teacher conferences showing off student work displayed inside a Japanese garden.